Hope you all had a great memorial weekend. I enjoyed the company of some friends and family hanging out by the pool. Rocking a vintage high waisted bikini that I absolutly LOVE.  More rum soaked pineapples slices pleaseeee…



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Ever wonder how the craziest customs get made? Life and Times profiles exactly that, detailing the manufacturing of the Air Jordan 1 “Brooklyn Zoo” Custom by PMK Customs. Get insight from the PMK team on the shoe’s inspiration and see the production process from start to finish in the video below.

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Tonight I rocked my chucks because it complimented my purple skinny jeans oh so well. I don’t own any other sneakers beside chucks and my nike gym kicks. Sorry Jordan.

What once was a popular basketball sneaker during the 1920″s is Still popular today in many subcultures. “Chuck Taylor’s” “chucks” “All Stars” “cons”or whatever you may call them will always remain an American classic sneaker.

Fun fact: during WWII American Soldiers Began wearing All Stars while in training.
(Margo DeMello (2009). Feet and Footwear: A Cultural Encyclopedia via Wikipedia )

Jody Watley (album)

Jody Watley (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sooo… this past weekend I went to Key West. Saturday night I went to a local bar and a super excited man approached me and said ” OMG !! I had to come up to you and tell you this, you look just like Jody Watley to me.” Ocassionally, people come up to me and say I look like someone or mistake me for someone they know,  it kinda annoys me at times and makes me want to drastically change my look and make it more unique. But his excitement was so infectious I had to entertain him for a bit. I wasn’t too familiar with the singer and how she looked so I went to handy dandy google to look up some images of her on my phone.  She is a beauty and I

Real Love (Jody Watley song)

Real Love (Jody Watley song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

could see a few similarities in our physical appearance but not like I could be her long lost twin. After a little small chat I gave him a big hug and took a quick pic with him. If his friends weren’t waiting for him I’m sure he would have stayed longer. I’m glad I was a little blast from the past for him, those are always fun.

Yes, I will gladly sign your man boobs sir 🙂

BTW… fashion from the 80’s…. Eeek

I’ve only been at this job for 4 months and I already hate it. Don’t get me wrong I learned a lot and met a lot of great people and I was very thankful for the opportunity. Good pay, paid training, and great health benefits. But, I just couldn’t do it, it wasn’t my niche, being stuck in a cubicle for hours was like torture for my Gemini nature. Ok!..lets decorate my cubicle, maybe that will help. NOPE!  Think about the money your making and the bills what you can pay off and all the clothes and shoes that you can buy, that will help. NOPE!. I felt like my spirit and energy was totally off balanced. My unhappiness began to spread like a plague and trickle down into different parts of my life. I began to ask myself, is this life? is this how I want to live my life? do I have to just suck it up and face reality?. January 25, 2013 was my last day at the job, it was unplanned it just somehow happened, like I was in a dream. My mouth was moving but it seemed to be controlled by someone else. Still in shock I drove to my mothers house for a hug.  Those hugs from your mom make everything seem better, dont they?. That day I decided to live for me with no regrets, follow my dreams and never look back. So here I am writing my first blog post 

Follow me on this journey and see where my passion for fashion and traveling takes me.